About the Site

Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie is a project that grew out of a pandemic hobby. After completing Theater Grad School in 2020 opportunities to work in my industry were minimal. For the first time in my over-extended adult life, I have had a lot of free time. Whenever I watch horror movies in the middle of the day (often) I live-review them on my Instagram stories. This has turned out to be a super way to connect with terrified friends old and new!

As I dug deeper into Horror review-land I found a real lack of feminist/lady perspectives on the genre. (Two super exceptions are long-running blog Final Girl and the Real Queen of Horror). This is pretty much normal in film but it seems to be worse in Horror and also I hate it.

So, since I have multiple degrees in Making and Criticizing Art, and since the only thing I love more than watching horror movies is telling people my opinions about them*, Brutal ‘N Scary with Brandy N. Carie was born!

*I actually love Christmas, pickles, and my dog more than these things. But I couldn’t figure out how to include all that and still be pithy.

Brutal ‘N Scary could not exist without help

My friend, playwright, animator, and puppeteer extraordinaire D. T. Burns came up with the delightful name after many minutes/hours (years?) of discussion. D. T. also encouraged me to start this blog and helped me make it pretty!

My friend, set designer and illustrator Dana Weintraub, aka Ghost Girl Studio, created this beautiful logo:

Commission Dana to make you art!

Of course, my only child Bechdel has also offered unrivaled support.

“Don’t look at the screen, it’s far too scary.”

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