Terror Revisited: ARACHNOPHOBIA Isn’t That Scary But It Still Scared Me

It turns out that PG-13 horror comedies from the 90s can still be scary if they are about spiders.

The “IT” Franchise Tricks Us Into Thinking it’s Good By Spending Obscene Amounts of Money

If you’ve seen IT you’ve already seen all the terrors that CHAPTER 2 has in store for you. They still spent the cost of 8 MIDSOMMARs to make it again.

I Highly Recommend You Never Watch These Movies

There’s “bad” and then there’s “wishing you could erase your memory.”

THE HAUNTING is Bad. Here’s a Drinking Game to Make it Better.

I ADORE Bisexual Flirt Catherine Zeta-Jones but in terms of actual scares this film fails to deliver. Let’s drink about it.